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Tim Ball and the narrator must know all of the above, as it is very basic climate science, so this was an apparent attempt to mislead the audience.]

(In breach of the 2003 Communications Act Section 265, Ofcom 5.5, 5.7, 5.11, 5.12)


Troposphere Cooling


So is there any way of checking whether the recent warming was due to an increase in greenhouse gas? There is only one way to tell, and that is to look up in the sky; or a part of the sky know to scientists as the troposphere.

[Prof Richard Lindzen]

If its greenhouse warming, you get more warming in the middle of the troposphere – the first 10, 12 kilometres of the atmosphere – then you do at the surface. There are good theoretical reasons for that, having to do with how the greenhouse works.


The greenhouse effect works like this: the sun sends its heat down to earth; if it werent for greenhouse gasses, this solar radiation would bounce back into space, leaving the planet cold and uninhabitable. Greenhouse gas traps the escaping heat in the earths troposphere, a few miles above the surface; and its here, according to the climate models, that the rate of warming should be highest, if its greenhouse gasses thats causing it.

[Dr Frederick Singer, President of the Science and Environmental Policy Project]

All the models – every one of them – calculate that the warming should be faster as you go up from the surface into the atmosphere. In fact the maximum warming over the equator should take place at an altitude of about 10 kilometres.

[Comment 48: Dr Singers credentials with respect to the subjects he discussed in the programme were exaggerated; and his links to fossil-fuel industry–funded lobby groups that campaign against greenhouse gas emissions reductions should have been mentioned and were not. In addition, the direct funding he has received from the fossil fuel industry was not mentioned. For full details, see Appendix C.10, page 135.]

(In breach of the 2003 Communications Act Section 265, Ofcom 5.7, 5.8)

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