Complaint to Ofcom Regarding The Great Global Warming Swindle

Appendix C: Backgrounds of the Contributors to the Programme

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Dr Frederick Singer

Contrary to his billing in the programme, Singer was never a director of the US National Weather Service. In fact, he was Director of the US National Weather Satellite Center, and only between 1962 and 1964 (see

He is also no longer a Professor, having retired as Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, in 1994.

He has published 43 articles since 1970 (ISI WoS). However few of these papers have presented original scientific research, and even fewer concerned climate: most have concerned policy.

Two papers on climate that he co-authored in 2004 have been found to have used cherry-picked data and to have been seriously flawed on a number of other counts (see

As well as global warming, he also expresses scepticism about the link between CFCs and the ozone hole (see; and between second- hand smoke and cancer (see

He has also oscillated rapidly between claiming in 2005 that there is no evidence that global warming is happening (see, to claiming in 2006 that its happening and its unstoppable (see to claiming in 2007 that climate is not warming significantly (see

Dr Singer cannot therefore be objectively regarded as a leading scientist, nor as an expert on climate.


Direct Corporate Funding


He founded and is currently President of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (see, and the entry on SEPP on page 155).


In a September 24, 1993 sworn affidavit (which is at, PDF), Dr. Singer admitted to conducting climate change research on behalf of oil companies, such as Exxon, Texaco, Arco, Shell and the American Gas Association. However, on February 12, 2001, Singer wrote a letter to The Washington Post in which he denied receiving any oil company money in the previous 20 years (


Links to Corporate-funded Lobby Groups

(For information about the following organisations and the funding they receive, see Appendix D: Corporate-funded Organisations Linked to Contributors to the Programme).


He is a Scientific Advisor to the American Council on Science and Health (see


He has been a Science Adviser to The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (see

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