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The scientist largely responsible for measuring the temperature in the earths atmosphere is Professor John Christy. In 1981 he was awarded NASAs medal for exceptional scientific achievement; and in 1996 he received a special award from the American Meteorological Society for fundamentally advancing our ability to monitor climate. He was a lead author on the UNs Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC.

There are two ways to take the temperature in the earths atmosphere – satellites and weather balloons.

[Prof John Christy]

What weve found consistently is that in a great part of the planet the bulk of the atmosphere is not warming as much as we see at the surface in this region; and thats a real head-scratcher for us, because the theory is pretty straightforward, and the theory says that if the surface warms, the upper atmosphere should warm rapidly. The rise in temperature of that part of the atmosphere is not very dramatic at all, and really does not match the theory that climate models are expressing at this point.

[Prof Patrick Michaels]

One of the problems that is plaguing the models is that they predict that as you go up through the atmosphere – except in the polar regions – that the rate of warming increases; and its quite clear from two datasets – not just satellite data, which everybody talks about, but from weather balloon data – that you dont see that effect; in fact it looks like the surface temperatures are warming slightly more than the upper air temperatures. [Laughs]. Thats a big difference.

[Prof Richard Lindzen]

That data gives you a handle on the fact that what youre seeing is warming that probably is not due to greenhouse gasses.

[Dr Frederick Singer]

That is, the observations do not show an increase with altitude – in fact most observations show a slight decrease in the rate of warming with altitude: so in a sense you can say the hypothesis of man-made global warming is falsified by the evidence.


So the recent warming of the earth happened in the wrong place and the wrong time. Most of the warming took place in the early part of the 20th century, and occurred mostly at the earths surface – the very opposite of what should have happened according to the theory of man-made global warming.

[Comment 49: The narrator first repeats the false assertion, based on a manipulated and exaggerated graph, that most of the warming occurred in the early part of the 20th century. The surface temperature graph over the same period from NASA proves his claim to be incorrect (see Comment 42, page 35).

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