Complaint to Ofcom Regarding The Great Global Warming Swindle

Appendix D: Corporate-funded Organisations Linked to Contributors to the Programme

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Interfaith Stewardship Alliance or ISA

[Note: Contributors to the film who have links with the ISA:
Dr Roy Spencer]

According to its website, the ISA is a coalition of religious leaders, clergy, theologians, scientists, academics, and other policy experts committed to bringing a proper and balanced Biblical view of stewardship to the critical issues of environment and development.

In July 2006, the ISA published a report criticising another religious organization called the Evangelical Climate Initiative or ECI (whose website is at for its support for action to reduce CO2 emissions.

The ISA report was entitled A Call to Truth, Prudence and Protection of the Poor: an Evangelical Response to Global Warming (downloadable from The authors of the ISA report were Roy Spencer, Calvin Beisner, Paul Driessen and Ross McKitrick, all of whom are well known global warming critics, all of whom have worked for fossil fuel industry–funded lobby groups (see ExxonSecrets:, and only one of whom is a scientist (Roy Spencer). The report has had extensive press and blog coverage (see and

A letter of endorsement (at, PDF) of the ISA report was signed by representatives of various organizations, including six that are funded by ExxonMobil, such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Congress of Racial Equality (see Ethics Daily:

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Interfaith Stewardship Alliance]


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