Complaint to Ofcom Regarding The Great Global Warming Swindle

Appendix C: Backgrounds of the Contributors to the Programme

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He is best known for his absolutist view that foreign aid always accelerates, rather than alleviates, poverty (see IREN:, BBC News: and The New York Times: As a libertarian (see Wikipedia:, he also opposes and lobbies against any regulation of business. This fact provides a context for the vehement opposition to the Kyoto treaty that he expressed in the Channel 4 programme. This bias should have been made clear to the viewer and was not.

His academic credentials were thus greatly inflated by the Channel 4 programme, and his known biases were not mentioned, in contravention of Ofcom clauses 5.7 and 5.8.


Links to Corporate-funded Lobby Groups

Mr Shikwati is Director of the Inter Region Economic Network or IREN (see, and the IREN entry on page 152).


Paul Driessen

Paul Driessen was described in the programme as a former environmental campaigner; however, his activities as an energy industry lobbyist were not disclosed – see: and, and see below. His strongly negative views regarding the environmental movement are set out in detail in his book Eco-Imperialism: Green Power Black Death (see


Funding and Links to Corporate-funded Lobby Groups

(For information about the following organisations and the funding they receive, see Appendix D: Corporate-funded Organisations Linked to Contributors to the Programme).


He is a Senior Fellow with the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise (see


He is Senior Fellow with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation (see


He is a Senior Fellow with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (see


He is a Senior Fellow with the Frontiers of Freedom Institute and Foundation (see


He is the Senior Policy Advisor of the Congress of Racial Equality (see the end of the article at


He is a regular contributor to TCS Daily, the web-based magazine of the Tech Central Science Foundation (see


He is a contributing author for the Interfaith Stewardship Alliance . In July 2006, Driessen and three other noted global warming critics co-authored a report published by the ISA, criticising another religious organization for its support for action to reduce CO2 emissions. For more details, see the ISA entry on page 151.

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