Complaint to Ofcom Regarding The Great Global Warming Swindle

Appendix C: Backgrounds of the Contributors to the Programme

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It is therefore deeply misleading for the programme to use the outdated data to imply problems with the climate models or the theory of greenhouse gas-driven warming, without revealing recent developments in the science which have discredited this view.


Links to Corporate-funded Lobby Groups

(For information about the following organisations and the funding they receive, see Appendix D: Corporate-funded Organisations Linked to Contributors to the Programme).


Christy is a member of the Independent Institutes Panel on Global Warming (see He has also written reports for the Independent Institute, e.g. New Perspectives in Climate Change: What the EPA Isnt Telling Us, July 28, 2003,


Spencer is a Science Roundtable Member (see and contributing author (see of the Tech Central Science Foundation.


Spencer is a Scientific Advisor to the Interfaith Stewardship Alliance (see ISA web page at In July 2006, Spencer and three other noted global warming critics co-authored a report published by the ISA, criticising another religious organization for its support for action to reduce CO2 emissions. For more details, see the ISA entry on page 151.


Spencer is a regular contributor to TCS Daily, the web-based magazine of the Tech Central Science Foundation (see:


Spencer is a contributing author to the Heartland Institute (see


Spencer is a Contributing Expert to the George C. Marshall Institute (see


Professor Carl Wunsch

Carl Wunsch is Professor of Physical Oceanography at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has a distinguished publication record on oceans and the climate (see

Wunsch has reported that he was misled into contributing to the programme, and that his views were seriously misrepresented by it (see He has since clarified his views on human-induced climate change and on the documentary (see

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