Website Credits

This website was designed, built and is maintained by Dave Rado, who would like to thank the following people, without whose assistance this would not have been possible.


Foteos Macrides, whose overlibmws pop-up application (see is used throughout this site. Not only did Foteos provided outstanding technical support for his own application, but he also offered a great deal of invaluable free advice on how to maximise the websites accessibility.


Ravikumar R Manian, who for no charge carried out the painstaking task of converting each page of the PDF version of the full complaint into an equivalent page of raw html (raw in the sense that it was not css-based); and of creating thousands of links on those pages, including the many cross-reference links between pages. (Dave Rado later converted the results into css-based pages).


Many people on various internet newsgroups and forums, who (mostly anonymously) gave their time and expertise without charge. In particular, Dave Rado would like to thank Ben C, dorayme, Kiwi Brian, Paul Hirsch, and Deathshadow.


Rob Seymour, a longstanding friend and technical guru, who gave invaluable advice and support.


Many friends and family members, who proof-read articles and gave feedback regarding alternative designs for the site.


All of the many contributors to the original complaint and to our response to Channel 4s defence of the Fairness complaint.

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