Complaint to Ofcom Regarding The Great Global Warming Swindle

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It is a common prejudice that scientists who do not agree with the theory of man-made global warming must be being paid by private industry to tell lies.

[Dr Philip Stott]

I get it all the time: “you must be in the pay of the multinationals”. Sadly, like most of the scientists you will talk to, I havent seen a penny from the multi-nationals.

[Dr Tim Ball]

I am always accused of being paid by the oil and gas companies. Ive never received a nickel from the oil and gas companies. I joke about I wish they would pay me, then I could afford their product.

[Nigel Calder]

Whenever anybody says that Im in the pay of an oil company, I say: my bank manager would wish.

[Comment 118: By presenting three interviewees who claim that they have not been paid by the fossil fuel industry – suggesting that the facts presented in the Channel 4 programme are free from bias and that the interviewees have no material conflicts of interest – the Channel 4 programme was clearly trying to implant in the viewers mind the idea that none of the other interviewees had any such conflicts of interest either.

In fact, the following interviewees have either been paid (directly or indirectly) by the fossil fuel industry, or work for lobby groups that are funded by the fossil fuel industry:


Paul Driessen


Patrick Moore


Tim Ball


Frederick Singer


Patrick Michaels


Ian Clark


Richard Lindzen


Paul Reiter


John Christy


Roy Spencer

Note that this list includes Tim Ball, one of the interviewees who specifically denied having any such links.

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Comment 118: Failure to disclose the conflicts of interest of ten interviewees]


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