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Shaviv in his comment further suggests that because CO2 concentrations in the past have been up to 10 times the current levels, we should therefore be sanguine about the prospect of future warming. In doing so, he is neglecting the many other factors that impact global temperature, such as orbital, solar, and geological effects ( These factors are always changing, so a given CO2 concentration level will not guarantee a specific temperature change, making Shavivs statement misleading in this context. More importantly, when CO2 levels were very high in the past, there were not 6 billion people on earth, living in densely populated cities, many of them in coastal regions, that are very vulnerable to the effects of changes in climate, such as sea level rises. There have also been massive extinction events in the past, but that does not mean that any sensible policy maker would wish to risk causing another massive extinction event now.

Clarks comment is puzzling, as CO2 has indeed affected past climates. His use of the term driver refers to the lag between temperature and CO2 changes over time; and is part of the incorrect CO2–lag argument he makes later on – see Comment 50, page 45 for details.

Regarding Corbyns comment: given that CO2 concentrations have remained stable over the last 1000 years until the industrial era (see, no one would suggest that the minor climate changes experienced during that period were associated with CO2. Since the start of the industrial era, however, CO2 is considered to be a primary driver of global warming (]

(In breach of the 2003 Communications Act Section 265, Ofcom 5.7, 5.8)

[Comment 15: Piers Corbyns credentials with respect to the subjects he discussed in the programme were greatly exaggerated. For full details, see Appendix C.9, page 134 and Comment 57, page 51.]

(In breach of the 2003 Communications Act Section 265, Ofcom 5.7, 5.8)

[Prof Ian Clark]

We cant say that CO2 will drive climate – its certainly never did in the past.

[Professor John Christy, Dept of Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville]

Ive often heard it said that theres a consensus of thousands of scientists on the global warming issue and that humans are causing a catastrophic change to the climate system. Well I am one scientist and there are many that simply think that is not true.

[Comment 16: Professor Christys links to fossil-fuel industry–funded lobby groups that campaign against greenhouse gas emissions reductions should have been mentioned and were not. For full details, see Appendix C.19, page 143.]

(In breach of the 2003 Communications Act Section 265, Ofcom 5.7, 5.8)


Man-made global warming is no ordinary scientific theory.

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