Addendum to the Ofcom
Complaint Regarding The Great
Global Warming Swindle

Text last updated: 09 Jun 2007

Addendum Regarding Comment 121

Since the main complaint was written, the G8 Summit announced on June 07, 2007 that there was agreement to seek substantial cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases (see Reuters: This may lead one to suggest that President Bush has joined the ranks calling for greenhouse gas emissions cuts. However, no solid emissions cuts have actually been agreed upon, and the US has only agreed to consider achieving the EU’s target of a 50% cut by 2050 ( Indeed, some commentators have suggested that this is in fact a diplomatic victory by Bush over the environmentalists, allowing him to evade stringent action (see, for example The Wall Street Journal: In any case, regardless of current developments, the programme misrepresented US climate policy as it stood when the film was broadcast.