Complaint to Ofcom Regarding The Great Global Warming Swindle

Appendix J: Backgrounds of the Peer Reviewers of this Complaint

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He is Co-Director of the Cambridge Media and Environment Programme which, since 1996, has run seminars on environmental change and development issues for senior media decision makers, mainly from BBC news and TV. He has acted as academic consultant on a number of BBC projects including David Attenboroughs BBC One programmes for the 2006 climate change season and BBC Twos Coast (2005). He is initiator and chair of Interdependence Day, a new communications and research project that takes a fresh look at global issues: He holds a BA degree in Social and Political Sciences and a PhD in Geography from the University of Cambridge. See also

Dr Smith reviewed those sections of this complaint that relate to the Channel 4 programmes criticisms of the media.


Dr Julie Doyle

See also Appendix I.2.5: Dr Julie Doyle, page 169.

Dr Doyle reviewed those sections of this complaint that relate to the environmental movement.


Cindy Baxter

Journalist, campaign and media strategist, Cindy Baxter began working on climate change in 1988 while press secretary for the New Zealand Prime Minister. She attended her first international climate change negotiations in 1991 for Greenpeace International. This was before the UN Framework Convention was signed in 1992. She has closely tracked the fossil fuel industrys campaign with the lobby groups and global warming critics against action on climate ever since. She coordinated the StopEsso campaign in London 2001-2004 when, with Greenpeace USAs Kert Davies, she set up the website, which she still works on today.

Ms Baxter reviewed the sections of this complaint that related to the credentials, funding and links to lobby groups of the contributors to the Channel 4 programme.


Andy Rowell

Andy Rowell is a freelance writer and investigative journalist. He has written three books, including Green Backlash – Global Subversion of the Environment Movement. He is also one of the founders of SpinWatch, which tracks corporate and political PR. See also and

Mr Rowell reviewed the section of this complaint that relates to the background of the film maker.

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